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Matador Land Services, LLC.

Matador Land Services, LLC. was founded and is still based in Midland, Texas.  With operations based in the heart of the Permian Basin we are exposed\ to some of the most mature oil & gas assets in the country.  Our clients range from the majors, to independents and all the way to individual mineral owners and are areas of service are almost that vast.  The improvement in technology has opened assets and shale plays across the country.  With this improvement in technology the need for accurate land and lease records is paramount in the exploration of any new prospect.

We pride ourselves on managing each client's prospect with discretion and professionalism.  This process is carried out by seasoned land professionals that are trained in their craft and take pride in their work.  We understand that are next client normally comes as a referral from an existing client and this drives us to perform at a high level.

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Matador Land Services, LLC
Located at 505 N. Big Spring Suite 505
Midland, TX 79701
Phone: 432-789-1001
Fax: 800-246-2417